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Bagan can rightfully be called one of the most incredible monuments of human civilization.  It was founded over a thousand years ago.  Bagan is the world’s largest complex of Buddhist temples, stupas, pagodas, and ruins.  It’s no wonder this place attracts many tourists.  Why deny yourself the pleasure of wandering among the ancient buildings, feeling your involvement in a great history?  But there is something that sets Bagan apart from the rest of Asia’s tourist attractions.  This is a unique opportunity to look at the sights from above.  Don’t miss this exciting ballooning over Bagan!

The balloon is the first aircraft that allowed people to surf the air.  Of course, today the use of a balloon is relevant only for entertainment or sports.  Flying in a hot air balloon is very exciting.  Of course, not everyone dares to take a high-altitude excursion in an unprotected basket.  But these travelers are always rewarded with stunning views.

The ballooning over Bagan is very well organized.  You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the balloon launch site.  There, you will enjoy coffee and snacks while waiting for the balloon to inflate.  After that, an unforgettable journey and the best views of your life await you.  You will sail very close to the majestic pagodas and temples; you will fully enjoy the beauty of Bagan.  And be sure, when the pilot lands on command from the ground, it will seem to you that one flight is not enough.

Traveling to the ancient city of Bagan is a pleasure in itself.  But when combined with a hot air balloon ride, it becomes one of the best memories of your life.  Just imagine how you will enjoy great photos on your return.  Perhaps the only problem will be to choose the best from a thousand pictures because there simply cannot be bad photos on such a trip.  Well, are you ready to fly in a hot air balloon over Bagan?

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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