Are you looking for the best chicken?

People have known about the usefulness of chicken meat for a long time.  Since ancient times, in many countries, chicken meat has been considered a healing food product and an effective means of preventing senile diseases.  Chicken meat is rich in proteins, linoleic acid, vitamins.  It supports the immune system and promotes the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system.  And chicken is also considered one of the types of dietary meat, since it is not too high in calories.  However, all these beneficial properties apply only to properly grown and properly cooked chicken.

Romanian chicken meat from LaProvincia can be confidently called that very correct healthy chicken.  Forty years of experience allows the poultry farm LaProvincia to create a production cycle that harmoniously combines the traditions of chicken breeding and the most modern technologies.  LaProvincia chickens are raised in the best conditions and fed with grain produced there. All stages of production are as environmentally friendly as possible.  Constant veterinary control helps to achieve the perfect health of the chickens.  This means that consumers can also enjoy healthy products.

LaProvincia products are varied and meet the most demanding tastes.  You can buy whole chicken as well as breasts, wings, necks … to your taste.  There is also offal such as gizzards, hearts, and liver, as well as a spicy grilled chicken mix.

Attention to detail, analysis of the experience of many generations, and the use of modern technologies, love for their work, and for their customers are all important components of LaProvincia’s success.

Do not pass up these products, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy high-quality chicken, and re-experience the same authentic taste from your childhood.  The brand of LaProvincia chicken is a guarantee of quality and taste.

Image by GOLDINPIC from Pixabay

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