How to install a cable for good Internet anywhere in the house?

How to install a cable for good Internet anywhere in the house

Often providers do not bother to bring the wires in the apartment to the desired point. Then you have to negotiate with installers, or deal with network cable installation london yourself.

Wiring methods and basic rules of laying

In general, there are no differences in the wiring schemes of the Internet in an apartment or a private house. They differ only in what will be at the end point of the data cabling london.

  1. To the computer. This connection assumes that you are pulling your wire straight to the end device. This sets a rigid framework, because there is only one place for the computer, you can’t move it and you can’t play with the gasket.
  2. To the router. In this case, the network stretches to the router. Then he distributes wireless Internet. The case is simpler, because the router is tied only to an outlet. Choose a place so that it is located in the center of the house or apartment for uniform distribution of the Internet.
  3. To the router and beyond. In this case, the provider’s cable is plugged into the router, and then you do the network cabling london in the apartment to other wired devices that cannot work over Wi-Fi.

The basic rules that are followed when laying wires for the Internet:

  • Do not make strong excesses. The main thing is that there are no sharp corners, kinks and creases.
  • Do not put near high-voltage lines and radiating devices.
  • It is not recommended to install near hot places, such as batteries. It is also not worth laying in an open way on the street, if there are frosts. It is less sensitive to them than to high temperatures, but it is still better to remove the wire in a box or underground.

Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

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