An old but effective medical treatment

An old but effective medical treatment

One of the oldest procedures related to classical and reliable medicine is an enema. Due to the specific design of the human body, people sometimes can suffer from diseases despite the fact that the body itself is usually able to recover its health condition by relying only on the biological reserves of the immune system. There are some types of problems which are critical to the individual’s health and they include poisoning and constipation. Enema can help with it and also could be used when a person is being prepared for surgery or medical examination. Anyway, for all above-mentioned cases it is important to learn about possible therapies that are used in order to treat an individual in the most safe and effective way. Enema information could be interesting for people of any type and ethnicity, everywhere as this method of curing is relatively comfortable, simple, versatile, and safe.

Different enema types

There are various options that could make bowels and stomach working again. It isn’t even necessary to use drugs or very serious and difficult treatment. Food is tightly connected with health and depending on its quality and lifestyle people can experience discomfort or even problems with intestines and this could be dangerous as problems with defecation are insidious especially if symptoms appear on a regular basis. Depending on the situation specialists can apply certain strategies of health support and treatment, but it is always better to use the most painless and universal methods. Enema can be classified as falling under this definition option. Actually, there are many different enema types, including:

  • cleaning;
  • therapeutic;
  • simple with water;
  • oily.

Dozens of options are available and very often different methods mean different substances used. Doctors can apply liquids based on the soap and glycerin, or oil, also drugs. It is worth saying that the volume of the liquid will depend on the chosen approach.

Experts in the sphere of medicine should offer to undergo this procedure if necessary, because it takes only 20-30 minutes and is as effective as more aggressive and radical ways like, for example, taking pills. Moreover, patients won’t experience side effects because it is very similar to simple water injection and the body can deal with it without negative reactions. Especially rational such a method if the person has constipation. Actually, this is a solution which will help in a few minutes and if to apply special oil, prophylaxis is possible.

During the therapy, it is very important not push the pipe too deep into an anus and after 1-2 inches penetration change an angle of the head of the tube towards the backbone instead of the navel and push the pipe further slowly for additional 1-3 inches. It is strongly recommended to use liquids with temperature not higher than the body temperature, as it can cause big discomfort. The patient should be prepared, clean and if possible with a defecated intestine. The best and relevant position for the procedure is when an individual is lying on the left side with keens pulled up to the stomach.

Image by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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