Who does not know about the Game of Thrones series?


The series «Game of Thrones» radically changed the approach to creating television films seven years ago. Sitcoms and melodramas still enjoy well-deserved popularity, but historical and costume dramas are forced to equal the film adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s «A song of Ice and Fire».

The Game of Thrones takes place in a fictional world on the continent of Westeros, which is very similar to feudal Europe. There are Seven Kingdoms here. Using their intrigues, their influential families strive to seize the symbol of power – the Iron Throne. The impoverished Order of the Night Watch, guarding the ancient Wall in the north, fights with the wild tribes of the Wild, who are trying to start their war. And from the East, the exiled princess Daenerys Targaryen, who wants to return home, sets off on her own journey under the protection of dragons.

Producers of the show almost encouraged piracy, realizing that this would only increase the number of loyal fans in the first years of the show. Then, of course, they changed their mind: they needed to take care of the official distribution channels and DVD Game of Thrones box set 1-8. Nevertheless, «Game of Thrones» occupies the first place in the annual ratings of the most downloaded TV shows since 2012. Still there are people who prefer the good old DVD. If you are among them, the Game of Thrones box set 1-8 uk will certainly occupy a key position in your collection.

«Game of Thrones» really became a hit for HBO: according to the results of the third season, the total audience of the series reached 14.2 million and it took second place among all the channel’s shows (immediately after the «The Sopranos»), and a year later became the undisputed leader (18 , 6 million viewers). However, this is the channel’s internal affairs, which allows us to feel pride – as a trendsetter in television fashion and as a multiple Emmy nominee. Recall that HBO regularly wins an unofficial race among channels in the number of nominations – even that year, when Game of Thrones did not meet the deadlines set for the nomination.

Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay

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