Who is a SEO Specialist

Who is a SEO Specialist

SEO specialist is responsible for ensuring that the site receives search traffic. The main task is to ensure that the user, in response to a search query, finds a relevant page on the company’s website. The specific work tasks of a SEO Expert depend on several factors. Optimization of sites selling goods, services or promoting a personal brand is different.

SEO specialist looks at the project from two sides: it optimizes its internal structure, makes the site more convenient and understandable for users, and takes care of the quantity and quality of links to the site on other resources. For example, SEO specialist, using special tools, sees at what request the user came to the site, how much time he spent on the page, whether he left a request or left the resource. This information helps to hypothesize, make and test changes on the site so that not only visitors but also buyers come. He analyzes which online recommendation sites increase the site’s ranking for search engines.

An important part of the work of a beginner SEO expert is the study of recommendations from search engines. An experienced specialist also has to contact them regularly so as not to miss the innovations.

Search engine algorithms are being improved, so courses and manuals quickly lose relevance. An SEO specialist needs to quickly rebuild and follow new principles of work, as well as quickly monitor innovations.

Those who want to understand the intricacies of the profession read Google guides. First you just follow the recommendations, and then gain experience and experiment.

A professional SEO specialist is attentive and assiduous, knows how to quickly switch between tasks and keep a lot in mind, is ready to listen to colleagues and customers, can clearly convey his thoughts.

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