Transfer or taxi: which one is more profitable

Transfer or taxi: which one is more profitable

When we need to quickly and comfortably get to a certain place, the first thought is to immediately take a taxi. If this question arises in a foreign country, and we have substantial luggage with us, we are already considering best majorca airport transfers. Let’s understand how the transfer differs from a taxi and in what cases you should order them.

And even more so, do not risk catching private taxi drivers on the street. In fact, they do not report to anyone other than themselves. This means that on the way such a taxi driver can pick up other fellow travelers and adjust your route in accordance with the needs of new passengers.

Not for all taxi drivers, cleanliness in the cabin is the standard, and many will ask you if you would like the driver to smoke in the cabin during the trip.

Transfer services are provided by officially registered companies for which high-quality customer service is the key to a good reputation.

An individual transfer is used by travelers with a group of no more than 4 people. You can order such a transfer by filling out the form on the Internet, in the mobile application of the selected company or by phone. If the trip is planned from the airport, the driver will give the car in advance, will meet passengers with signs on which their names are indicated, and take care of the luggage.

For group transfers, companies provide minibuses, minivans and roomy buses, depending on the size of the group. Passengers are transported exactly to the indicated addresses, on the basis of which the route is built. If the trip is organized by a travel agency that regularly cooperates with the transfer company, group transfers provide significant discounts. The methods of payment for the transfer depend on the company, and may include prepayment, but most often, payment is made directly to the driver upon completion of the transfer.

An important point: if you are transported by a large bus, be prepared for the fact that you may have to wait for passengers who arrive later than you, and your hotel or apartments may not be the first stops on the route.

Sometimes it’s cheaper and advisable to divide into smaller groups and order several transfers.

You can get a taxi for short-distance trips along popular city routes.

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