Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation

Depending on the condition of a person’s hair, the health of his body can be determined.  If the curls become dull, dry and lifeless, fall out, alopecia appears – these are the first signs that destructive processes are taking place in the body.  Cirugia capilar en barcelona especializada helps to solve this problem.

When is it necessary to have a hair transplant procedure?

 The most common indication for transplantation is the patient’s desire.  If there are no prohibitions on the procedure, then such a technique will not harm the body and will contribute to the appearance of a new thick head of hair.  Hair transplantation is also used for:

  •  androgenetic alopecia;
  •  cicatricial changes in the epidermis after trauma, burns or surgery;
  •  high location of the hairline of a congenital nature;
  •  correction of the shape of the growth of curls;
  •  deep zones of absence of vegetation in the frontotemporal areas.

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