Life in a houseboat is a true dream

Many people dream of buying their own house, watering their garden and harvesting their first crop. But there are those dreamers who cannot live without the sea, who love fresh breeze and simply cannot live without a sense of freedom. A houseboat is a great variant for such people. It is widely believed that life in a house-boat is cheaper than in ordinary house.

The main advantage of floating home over yacht is its high level of comfort. Competition for such housing can only be converted river trams, barges, as well as custom-built large yachts. But this is a completely different class, incomparably more expensive to maintain and has significant restrictions on parking spaces. A well-moored platform gives the feeling of a real small island: no pitching. Therefore, you can build on it a structure close to ordinary suburban cottages.

Nevertheless, houseboats are ships, they can pass and moor where a simple yacht cannot sail. The main plus of houses on the water: even taking into account high cost, land prices cover all these costs at times.

The architecture and interiors of the house are limited only by the capabilities of the customer, as well as the area and other characteristics of the platform on which the floating residence is being built. After completing the formalities, a floating house can be moored almost anywhere outside the city limits.

There are several technologies for construction of houseboats. For example, actor Gerard Depardieu lives on an old converted barge. The barge is a very romantic home, but with its re-equipment and maintenance a lot of trouble arises. Even if you manage to order a new barge at the shipyard, you still have to raise it to the shore for the bottom maintenance every two to three years. In addition, the barge, even if converted for housing, is not permitted by law to stop anywhere. And residential barges are made mainly not for traveling, but for living at a permanent address. The most convenient technology for building houseboats is based on concrete landing stages.

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