The majority of British shops are networks shopping centers and supermarkets. Supermarkets are often located on the outskirts of cities, where there are many parking places. Usually there you can find “daily necessities”. Clothing, shoes, kitchen utensils should be looked for in other stores. Many shops don’t work on Sundays. In general, the work hours can be strange for a foreigner. As for the British as buyers, most of them don’t like to experiment, prefer reliability and, if possible, buy well-known brands.

Some shopping facts:

  1. Are you looking for an idea for a gift? Are you tired of standard gifts; would you like to surprise a loved one? Do you want a gift that will never be thrown away? What about the star in the sky? This is not a joke, you can really give a star, more precisely, name a star in honor of your dearest person. It’s a unique offer, isn’t it? Now a star named by you will shine in the sky. This name will be registered with the international star registry and database ISD, so everything is legal. Take advantage of this opportunity!
  2. Not everybody is ready to part with the music while jogging, because many sportsmen prefer to run in the mornings to the familiar beat or composition. If sport is an integral part of your life, then you should buy best wireless earbuds for running or working out. When choosing headphones for running, pay attention to the fixation method. So, among sports models, headphones both with ear hooks and with ear clips are presented. New-fashioned wireless models allow you to get rid of wires, but require a constant connection to the sound source.

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