Your baby’s first transport

Your baby's first transport

 A universal transport for a child from birth to 3 years old is a 3 in 1 pram. It includes a cradle, a walking module and a portable car seat (or just a carry). Each of the blocks is removed from the chassis and replaced with another. 3-in-1 prams weigh less than a number of other convertible prams. In addition, they are more maneuverable and spacious. In order for the invested funds to meet the expectations of the parents and the baby to be comfortable, several factors should be taken into account and the design features of the children’s attribute should be studied. Click here to choose one.

If you are sure that you will use all the modules, especially for a car seat, then buying such a pram will be many times more profitable than buying several prams and a carriage separately. The design of baby prams 3 in 1 is thought out to the smallest detail, since the blocks are constantly being replaced. To make changing modules and folding the chassis as convenient as possible, all processes are optimized to the maximum, and the buttons, latches and assemblies are reliable and well thought out.

When purchasing, carefully consider the set of accessories. As a rule, there are raincoats, mosquito nets, special bags for prams. And 3-in-1 models can be additionally equipped with hand sleeves, cup holders, mattresses, cradle stands, etc.

Look at the wheels. Inflatable wheels are different – with a high profile of rubber and with a low one, with or without tread. The most popular type used in 3-in-1 prams is low profile smooth inflatable rubber. Inflatable wheels provide good shock absorption and smooth out any potholes. Tread rubber for increased flotation in mud and snow. Most 3-in-1 prams have front wheels that can be swivel and can be locked. Such transport is easier to maneuver.

Image by Candid_Shots from Pixabay

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