What is Mud Jacking?

Anyone who builds a house should know that after the concrete reaches its design strength, mortars are made for lining. Primary Mud Jacking is carried out in order to fill the voids at the contact of the lining with the surface of the mine, formed as a result of outfalls, collapses, loose packing, and also due to the lining elements of the wooden lining. Filling the voids ensures the joint work of the lining and the surrounding soil, contributes to the uniform distribution of rock pressure on the lining, increases its water resistance, and prevents the accumulation of water behind the lining, which destroys it when freezing.

To improve the technological properties of mortar (reduce delamination, slow down or accelerate the setting time, increase permeability in pores and cracks of the soil, etc.), various additives are used that give the mortar required properties.

The Mud Jacking mortar is prepared in mortar mills at the place of work. Materials for mortar preparation are transported in prefabricated package in closed containers with internal partitions for separation of the components or in trolleys with dividing walls. The prepared mortar is poured beside jacketing with mechanical action pumps (types C-263, C-317 or C-8685) with a capacity of 3–6 m3/ h. Mud jacks (such as RN-1 or СО-85) can be used for preparation and transportation of the mortar.

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Mud Jacking works are carried out on sections up to 30 m using mobile inventory trolleys equipped with mortar pumps, mortar mixers, and equipment for lifting containers and wagons with mortar or dry mix.

Photo by Pixabay.com

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