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Fashion is cyclical, this applies not only to clothes and hairstyles, but also to the interior. Many people like retro style, and you can find luxurious elements from many eras in countless houses and apartments.

The era of Queen Victoria became the golden age for Great Britain. Development of industry and numerous colonies made it one of the richest powers in the world. Bourgeoisie flourished. Nowadays puritan strict style of Queen Anne is not outdated.

Victorian front doors are made of natural wood, and most of all – valuable species.

Discreet luxury is the main feature inherent in the Victorian style. English classics in the interior demonstrate the tenacity and respectability of the tenant. Victorian style doesn’t really limit you in choosing colors and patterns.

Edwardian era is shrouded in nostalgic memories of the “good old England”, with its moral values and a leisurely measured way of life. The style of architecture, which gained immense popularity during this period, was called by the name of the monarch – Edwardian.

A memorable Edwardian touch of Art Nouveau is elegant glazed paneled front doors. Often, Masonic symbols are carved on wood or stone, and glass is decorated with stained-glass windows. Often, these magnificent Edwardian front doors are adjacent to an elegant wooden veranda, combining into a single stylistic composition.

This period of modernism is becoming popular in many homes throughout Europe. Creating a glamorous style can be a little difficult, but the result will certainly delight and amuse you. Glamorous collection in the interior welcomes geometric shapes, shiny fabrics, stylized 1920’s front door, images of everything that can be depicted, from skyscrapers to airplanes, and beautiful exotic touches of Africa, Egypt and the Far East.

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