What do you know about permanent magnets?

Photo by Pixabay.com

The use of magnets in the modern world is ubiquitous. They are used in various fields of industry, and many inventions are based on magnetic fields. Magnetic properties have been known to people for a long time, since they have interested scientists in antiquity, but this does not make them less interesting today. It is not known exactly when the magnets were discovered. There is an ancient legend about the shepherd Magnus, who accidentally discovered that the iron heels on his boots were attracted to a black stone.

Nowadays, permanent magnets have useful applications in many areas of human life. Sometimes we do not notice their presence, but, if you look closely, you can find a permanent magnet in almost any apartment in various electrical appliances and mechanical devices. An electric shaver and a speaker, a video player and a wall clock, a mobile phone and a microwave, finally a refrigerator door – you can find permanent magnets everywhere. They are used in medical equipment and in measuring equipment, in various tools and in the automotive industry, in DC motors, in acoustic systems, in household electrical appliances and more where else: radio engineering, instrument making, automation, telemechanics, etc. – none of these areas is complete without the use of permanent magnets.

Since the days of Oersted and Ampere, it is widely known that current conductors and electromagnets interact with the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. The work of many engines and generators is based on this principle.

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