Let’s get rid of boredom: 20 tips

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Boredom is a negative emotion, a mentally passive state, which is accompanied by a lack of interest in people, activities, environment as a whole. Concomitant sensations are anxiety, irritability, distraction, dissatisfaction. Reaction decreases, both on the physical and mental levels in a person with such a mood.

Print this list, cut it into narrow strips with one paragraph on each and put it in a box or jar. When you get bored at home, just randomly take any note – and proceed according to plan.

  1. Dance. To your favorite music, of course!
  2. Test a new game. For example, ABCya.
  3. View all Game of Thrones series (if you have enough days off, of course).
  4. Make a lot of selfies, choose the best ones and update avatars in instant messengers and social networks.
  5. Try all the actual clothes on, making a few stylish looks.
  6. Move furniture to refresh the interior. Any changes in the environment benefit the brain cells, improve memory and mood.
  7. Rhyme everything that you see around, even if it will be “cat – bat.” Perhaps you will have a poem! It’s also a great brain training.
  8. Make a crossword puzzle.
  9. Explore the site you like and get ideas from it.
  10. Start your own blog or channel in YouTube.
  11. Take a bath with foam by adding a couple of drops of your favorite aromatic oil.
  12. Arrange a spa with face masks and hair, a bath for hands and a brush for heels at home.
  13. Cook and drink cocoa or perfect hot chocolate, savoring every sip.
  14. Start reading a book about travel, space or magic.
  15. Include a light relaxing film about something good and kind.
  16. Fill an anti-stress coloring book with all the colors of rainbow.
  17. 17. Start painting.
  18. Practice yoga. All that is needed for this activity is a little space on the floor and a rug.
  19. Learn how to meditate.
  20. Take a nap.


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