Walnut furniture is a guarantee of your comfort

Walnut furniture is a guarantee of your comfort

Not every buyer can buy furniture made of expensive wood species, so manufacturers try to produce not expensive furniture and of pretty good quality. It can be beautiful, multifunctional, which can be seen in the photo of economy class furniture, on the websites of online stores and in the catalogs of manufacturers.

But sometimes you can get very good walnut furniture as tables, chairs, wardrobes, tv stands at a fairly low price. This is an environmentally friendly material that, under the influence of external factors, will not emit toxic and other harmful substances hazardous to health. The specificity guarantees increased strength compared to other materials. It retains heat perfectly, which has a beneficial effect on the indoor climate.

Remember these three main factors before deciding to buy walnut furniture:

  • Durability – reliability and resistance to various kinds of mechanical damage are comparable to oak and beech.
  • Flexibility in processing – furniture from solid walnut can be produced with carved inserts and uniquely curved elements.
  • Light weight – not every type of solid wood can boast of lightness, which cannot be said about walnut. Such furniture is easy to handle and transport.

When processing wood from Europe is more malleable due to the peculiarities of the climate in which the tree grew. The arrangement of wood fibers creates a clear and contrasting pattern with a harmonious combination of light and dark elements. Growth rings are accompanied by dark dots and lines. The boundaries of the wood fibers are smooth and wavy.

This wood is not afraid of changes in humidity and ambient temperature. Due to the high degree of elasticity, the texture does not form cracks, which makes it easier to work with this type of wood. Due to its properties, it allows the use of openwork carving in the design.

Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

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