Traffic exchange: all you need to know

Traffic exchange: all you need to know

A lot of people nowadays try to find free website traffic. Many of them don’t even know the history of traffic and how it all began.

The rapid growth in the number of traffic exchange points began in 1993. This is due to the fact that most of the traffic of the telecom operators existing at that time passed through the US backbone network. So, for example, when the traffic went from the operator in France to the operator in Germany, it first came from France to the USA, and only then from the USA to Germany. The backbone network in this case acted as a transit between France and Germany. Even the traffic within one country often passed not directly, but through the core networks of American operators.

This state of things affected not only the cost of delivery of transit traffic, but also the quality of the channels and the delay. The number of Internet users increased, new operators appeared, the volume of traffic increased, the Internet grew. Operators around the world began to realize that a more rational approach to the organization of inter-operator interaction was needed. “Why should I, operator A, pay for transit through another country in order to deliver traffic to operator B, which is located on a neighboring street?” Something like that was asked by telecom operators at that time.

Website traffic exchange is basically an exchange of announcements. You get so-called loans for your own web pages, banners, and text ads by simply browsing other websites of other webmasters. Of course, and they do the same for you. Traffic Exchange is great for recognizing your name, business and all this in order to make sales and / or find a business partner. This is a wonderful environment for business, because it does a lot of useful things for us, and only time is required from you.

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