Tips For DBS Checks

Tips For DBS Checks

It is easy to find information about DBS checks. However, most of that information concentrates on the things that can go wrong with your application. Thinking in more general terms is better sometimes, but detailed information has its place.

In this article from Dunbar Education you will learn the basic rules and tips for DBS checks no matter your situation and the type of job you are applying for.

Check If You Need A DBS

It is easy to think that everyone needs DBS checks since we widely discuss DBS checks. So, you may not need a DBS. An employer can request a Basic DBS for any reason, so you can request a Basic DBS if you wish. However, you need to do standard and enhanced DBS checks in connection with specific jobs. The legal definition of these jobs is “regulated activity.” Do not assume you need a DBS check since most jobs are not in this category.

Accept All Help

Someone at a voluntary organization or your new employer may offer to help to get your DBS check processed. Do not hesitate to accept their offer. Accept that offer immediately. You may struggle with the form yourself since there are no extra credit or brownie points. Get advice on how to proceed from the DBS helpline if you recently moved back to the United Kingdom from overseas or if your situation is unusual. The DBS now reject applicants outright due to the recent changes in DBS rules. So, they do not come back to applicants and check up on previous addresses. That is why you need to make sure you are submitting the correct information.

Follow The Rules

There is a reason there are rules about completing DBS forms. The instructions, you need to follow, are to complete all compulsory fields, use black ink, and write in block capitals. The form comes with guidance notes, so read these notes and ask for clarification if there is something you do not understand.

Get Your Documents in Order

You need to provide various documents, proving who you are and where you live, if you are applying for a disclosure certificate. Get your documents ready as you fill the form in. Do not wait until they ask you to provide your documents. If you usually get your bills and statements online, request their hard copies. Ask for the combination of documents they accept if you do not have most of the documents listed on the DBS website.

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