The Internet helps job seekers and employers

The Internet helps job seekers and employers

The Internet has long and firmly entered our lives.  People are accustomed to the fact that many actions can now be performed without leaving home.  You can shop online, you can pay your bills online, you can communicate with family and friends through social networks.  And the Internet today is a modern labor exchange, where people can post vacancies, or find the job that suits them.

But there is so much information on the Internet that it’s easy to get lost and miss the chance.  This problem can be solved, you just need to know exactly where to look.  It is most practical to use special sites like MyJobsi, where any job posting can be found.

It is convenient for job seekers.  All ads are verified and there is practically no chance of meeting scammers or spammers.  You can filter ads by location, job category, or job title.  Clicking the Apply button you get in touch with the employer and can send your CV and motivation letter.  You can also select several suitable vacancies, save this list and send it to yourself by email.

These sites are extremely convenient for employers.  You can post job advertisements any time you like.  There are several tariff plans to choose from.  The registration is quick and easy, you only need your email address.  You will receive responses from job seekers to this address, and they will also be displayed in your account inbox.  Job advertisements can be published or suspended as you wish.

A few decades ago, finding a job involved buying newspapers and magazines with advertisements, long phone calls, and attending many interviews, most of which turned out to be useless.  The search for employees involved many months of painstaking work, the publication of advertisements in print media, a huge number of interviews with candidates, most of which did not meet the requirements.  How wonderful that today the Internet has made life so much easier for both job seekers and employers.

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

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