Modern software helps in scheduling work

Modern software helps in scheduling work

The work schedule is a concept familiar to all employees of enterprises, institutions, and firms, regardless of the form of ownership and direction of their activity.  With its help, it is possible to organize the correct work of all personnel. The work in different spheres presupposes diverse schedules of the involvement in the work process.  If office staff works, as a rule, in a five- or a six-day working week, the service sector requires a completely different regime.  For each employee, a schedule is drawn up, which may include night work, and shifts, and “floating” days off.  In the meantime, it is impossible to draw up a schedule, guided only by the personal wishes of the employer and employee, there are a lot of rules that are fixed by labor legislation. The work schedule must not only be drawn up but also constantly adjusted because of vacations, sick leaves, time off, holidays.  This is important and this must be done on time and without errors since the salary is calculated based on the schedule.  Often managers keep such a schedule on paper or in Excel, which is not very convenient.

Today, in the era of information technology, the computer comes to the rescue in many matters.  It will help in scheduling work.  Modern scheduling programs for personal use allow you to create schedules, maintain a contact base, schedule tasks for the day, week, or month, and create simple notes.  In doing so, the schedule maker software will notify you of every event in your schedule, eliminating the need to remember everything.  And of course, a special program will provide invaluable assistance in scheduling the work of an enterprise or organization.

Thanks to special software, the manager responsible for scheduling the work can do his job much faster and better.  The schedule maker program reduces the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies and helps automate the distribution of working hours.  It is very convenient that most of the programs can be used by both the manager and the employees.  Thus, everyone can adjust their schedule, seeing the big picture, and the manager only organizes this work and helps in case of problems.

The Shiftbase offers great solutions for those who need to schedule work.  This software will handle the most difficult tasks.  With Shiftbase, you can easily set up recurring and standard shifts and create a schedule template.  Employees can indicate their availability in the employee schedule through a special application, not by e-mail.  The manager can send an invitation for a specific shift.  An employee’s absence is also displayed in the work schedule, with different reasons for absence being highlighted in different colors. Scheduling an entire team with Shiftbase is really easy.  The program interface is simple and straightforward.  You can choose employee availability, expected turnover, or labor costs as a priority.  The compiled schedule is easily edited, which improves the quality of work.  You can repeat shifts, plan employees from a flex pool, and use a filter system.

Let the modern software help you in your work!

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