Let’s deal with wasps

Image by Juan Ignacio Guzmán Hervás from Pixabay

Striped buzzing insects are the usual companions of people in the city and in the suburban area. But it is much easier when they fly near you, and more difficult when they have built a nest on the balcony or under the roof. That close neighborhood brings a lot of troubles, ranging from a constant hum to the threat of bites. If the house is home to small children or allergies, the insects must be destroyed as soon as possible. How to get rid of their nest? There are different ways of wasp nest removal. You should study their features and evaluate the effectiveness to make the right choice. Nevertheless, the best solution will be to contact the Pest control colchester. Where the nest can be found? There are paper wasps in England (more often than other types). These are hardworking social insects that live in families led by one or more Queens. Their color is black with yellow stripes. Paper wasps build nests in the form of open hexagonal cells. As a material they use carefully chewed bark of trees and rotten stumps.

A good solution is making a trap with poisoned bait. You will need an empty can or a cut plastic bottle. Inside the container is filled with bait of lemonade, milkshake or beer, pre-diluted in liquid insecticide. These tools have a wide range of actions. They affect insects by contact and intestinal way.

One of the inexpensive and effective insecticides is boric acid. The powder is odorless, being a drug, it is safe for humans. On 100 ml of sweet bait you need half a teaspoon of boric acid. You will need to install ladders from sticks, to make wasps not to drown in a trap, but carry the poison into the nest. The mechanism of destruction is simple: the adult animals die from eating the poison, and the larvae and the Queen get the toxin by contact. The only drawback of the method is time: you will have to wait for the death of insects for 7-10 days.

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