Left hand traffic in England and a personal driver

In England, people drive on the left side of the road (the driver sits on the right and not on the left in the car). There are various explanations for the popularity of left-hand traffic. They say that when in the old days many carriages and carts appeared on the roads, they noticed that the coachman, waving his whip, touched pedestrians walking to the right of the road. There was a right-hand traffic before. Taking care of the pedestrians, the authorities switched the horse traffic to the left side.

Due to the fact that the movement is carried out on the left side, many visiting tourists get confused when they rent a car. In order not to get into an accident for this reason, it is better to hire Chauffeurs Services in Southhampton. This service allows you to timely and inexpensively move between destinations, especially when there are several of them and the driver will wait until you are free. It is very convenient and definitely cheaper than a taxi. The driver will be able not only to take you to the desired place, but also help you carry your luggage. As you know, visitors like to have a good rest and drink alcoholic beverages. Self-driving a vehicle while intoxicated is not only an extremely undesirable idea, but also violates the law. With frequent occurrence of such situations, it will be more profitable and cheaper to have a personal driver at your disposal than to use a taxi.

Entrepreneurs, politicians, public people who constantly need to be punctual, as well as those who have little personal time also need to hire a chauffeur. Thus, you can arrive at the right place on time, without violating traffic rules and road accidents. On the road, there will be time to put things in order, make phone calls and other activities.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


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