How to choose an invitation card

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Invitation cards are one of the most important details of a wedding decoration. It is obvious that invitations are the face of the holiday, the invitees judge the style, venue and nature of the future wedding by a good invitation. That is why you should carefully consider this small, but very significant detail. It is best to think about invitations after the fact that wedding style has been precisely defined. An invitation card should be a subtle mysterious hint, the first page of the book of your celebration, after reading, the guests will wonder what awaits them at the holiday. Of course, the easiest and not expensive option is to buy ready-made invitations or cards in a special store or wedding salon.

Nevertheless, some people prefer sophisticated invitations. They will demonstrate attention to guests and can be an excellent souvenir storing a piece of the bride and groom’s personalities.

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the desired category: will it be classic invitations or something more creative? The style of the future wedding will help you to make the right choice: classic invitations will be appropriate at any celebration, whether the original or thematic will suit the theme or retro. They can also be used as a souvenir for guests.

Classic invitation cards are always aristocratic and elegant: you can play with the form, colors and decor, without going beyond the solemn and a little official style. Invitational scrolls with a wax seal tied with silk ribbon will look elegant and interesting. Cards in envelopes look no less elegant. You can use thick paper, satin, velvet, aged paper or thick cardboard. An exquisite palette will also look appropriate: white, gold, silver, deep greens, scarlet, blue and violet shades.

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