11 Features Tenants Look for in a Rental Property

If you are someone who is lucky enough to be in the position of having surplus properties to rent out for a steady and sustained income, the one thing that you need to be thinking about is making sure that your properties stand out above the rest and are seen as desirable and attractive to potential tenants. When looking on an established site such as Moovahome, is it clear to see that the majority of popular and appealing properties all have certain things in common; things that make them more sought after than others of a similar standard, price range and location. Here are some of the top property features that have been identified as attractive to tenants.


Natural light is something that is always going to be a really positive factor for a property. It has the effect of making a space feel more open and larger, and even though people might not openly be seeking it out, a light and airy property is something that we look for subconsciously without even realising it at the time.


A potential tenant wants to visit a property and be able to imagine themselves living there with all other their own possessions and valuables, and the best way to help them visualise this is by keeping your decor and design as clean, clear, and minimalistic as possible. Too much clutter and bulk around the place is going to come across as hectic and chaotic, and those are two words that you definitely want to be avoiding when trying to attract people to take up your property.

Transport Links

This isn’t something you can have an effect on, but there is no doubting that properties are more appealing to potential tenants if they are easily accessible and have good transport links. Being on major bus routes, close to train stations, within suitable distance of airports are all things that come into play when people are deciding on a property for long term living.

Local Amenities

Depending on the circumstances of the parties moving in, things like reputation of local schools can play a big part. Equally, other amenities like doctor’s surgeries, dentists, higher education institutions, and the standard of retail and restaurants are a big factor as well. Tenants want to live in an area that they feel is well connected and well resourced.

Outdoor Space

The outdoor space of a property can be just as important to potential tenants as the indoor space. It can be really beneficial if you have the means to provide a large garden area, maybe with patio or decking for extra luxury. Green space like lawn is always going to be a big selling point, especially if your potential tenants have children or you allow pets in your property.

Storage Space

Making sure that you have lots of storage space is another thing that can make a property seem more appealing to tenants. You don’t want to cover the place in shelves and cabinets, but more just maximise what is already there and encourage people to see that there is room for all of their possessions without having to sacrifice the clean, minimalist look of the property.

High Speed Internet

Almost everything we do today is connected in some way to the internet, so something that a lot of people pay close attention to what kind of broadband you have installed in the property. A high-speed connection is incredibly sought after, and also a necessity to cope with the modern demands of wide family usage from browsing to streaming to gaming and everything else.

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