MidexPRO: Secure mobile optimised PPM Software that can be tailored to meet the requirements of your practice.


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MidexPRO practice management software can help reduce the time you spend performing administrative duties, allowing you focus on more important tasks like treating patients.

Because MidexPRO is mobile optimised, you can access patient notes from the operating theatre, and even upload images to patient records.

Automated Invoicing

MidexPRO can automate your invoicing process, creating customised invoices on-the-fly based on recorded patient treatments. The built-in recall system allows effortless patient management by listing recalled patients who have not responded to patient outreach.

Appointment Scheduling

The optional diary and SMS features allow you to easily manage appointment scheduling and can automatically send patients a text message to remind them of upcoming appointments. This could drastically reduce lost revenue due to missed appointments.

Prescription & Dispensary

Not only can MidexPRO write prescriptions for you, it can also print dispensary labels and in the future, will be able to stock control . You can also analyse data by treatment or diagnosis to perform clinical audits or research.

Financial Reports

In addition to performing clinical audits, MidexPRO also supports a substantial range of financial reports. You can track expenses and even perform patient audits. Optional features allow you to prepare full end-of-year accounts and complete online VAT returns in MidexPRO via Xero cloud accounting integration.

Digital Billing via HealthCode

MidexPRO supports one-touch electronic billing via Healthcode integration. Healthcode is endorsed by all major health insurance companies and can promote timely remittance by ensuring that your digital bill contains all the information that the insurer needs in order to process your invoice.

TDL Integration

TDL (The Doctors Laboratory) is the UK’s largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostics, they provide medical professionals with laboratory information to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. MidexPRO allows you to send TDL test requests and receive the results directly via the relevant MidexPRO patient record. (available to London & Manchester Clients only).

Document Management

AutoClerk simplifies document retrieval by allowing you to search documents, images, and videos by patient. You can also search for specific content within documents to locate hard-to-find files.

Multiple Practice Support

If you operate multiple practices, it is possible to manage multiple MidexPRO systems from a single login.

Workflow Management

MitaskPRO allows you to manage and visually track your workflow, prioritising tasks in a flexible and easy to use interface. Excellent for larger practices with staff and consultants across different hospitals. Instant messages to team members helps maximise efficiency.

Free 30 Day Trial

MidexPRO are currently offering a no-obligation 30 day free trial of their practice management system. To arrange a free trial simply visit their website at midexpro.com. The full-featured trail enables you to test MidexPRO and decide which options suit the requirements of your practice. MidexPRO is highly customisable, and the support team will work with you to create a bespoke solution that fits your requirements, ensuring that you don’t end up paying extra for features that you will not use.

The free trial also includes a MidexPRO software tour, during the tour, the MidexPRO support team will walk you the software features. You can also contact the support team throughout your trial period, for advice on how to use the software. The support team provide easy-to-follow advice in clear and understandable language, not jargon.

Why Choose MidexPRO?

MidexPRO is the ultimate medical practice management system, it allows you to automate time consuming routine tasks, access important information, and facilitate the smooth and efficient running of your medical practice. MidexPRO systems benefit from Microsoft Azure security and are fully compliant with GDPR ISO27001 information security standards and have met the standards required by the DSP Toolkit required by NHS hospitals.

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