Vending machine: history and benefits

Vending machine: history and benefits

It is probably difficult now to imagine modern life without a vending machine somewhere in a shopping center or at work. When did the first vending machines appear? Has this happened in our time, when the number of office workers has increased dramatically, and with them the demand for easily accessible coffee? It’s hard to imagine a modern workspace without vending machine for drinks. Or did it happen in the 19th and 20th centuries, when devices with soda water began to appear and spread in the United States?

In England at the beginning of the 17th century, the so-called “black boxes” were common – vending machines that sold tobacco to those who wished. For one penny, the machine unlocked the lock on the door, from which the client could collect as much tobacco as he needed and then close the drawer. This particular machine had a huge drawback: the innkeepers had to make sure that the automatic snuffbox door did not forget to close.

What is the use of Italian Vending Machine? Vending machines work 24 hours a day. It continues to work independently, bringing joy to customers. Minimum space, maximum benefit. Vending machines have solid advantages. Firstly, there is a lot of free space, since vending machines take up much less space than, for example, a retail outlet.

Secondly, aesthetics and ease of use. Imagine how convenient, in a state of pleasant fatigue, it is to quench your thirst with your favorite drink or taste a healthy treat! Or buy the necessary goods if a person has forgotten something or did not have something yet, he could buy it. Vending machine made in the corporate style of your fitness club, sports center, store or any other premises will advantageously embellish and fill the existing interior.

Photo by Laura Thonne on Unsplash

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