Profitable alternative to human resources management

Photo credit to BIZMO

HRM-system in the United Kingdom refers to an automated integrated personnel management system. Compared with traditional systems of automation of personnel records and payroll HRM-systems have enhanced functionality. HRM-systems consist of a wide range of business processes and analytical capabilities that allow you to fully conduct the “history” of employees, from employment, payroll to planning and career development.

In addition to accounting (personnel records, staffing, workflow, records of working time and vacations, pension and military records, etc.) and settlement (salary, tax payments, allowances and deductions, etc.) of contours that process quantitative data, like systems as such, the HR circuit itself is designed to work with personnel quality indicators. HR-contour provides automation of such functions as staff motivation, maintaining “employee competency profiles”, “career management”, personnel assessment, training management (advanced training), distance learning, staff performance analysis, employee’s job compliance analysis, personnel and personnel movements, the formation of personnel reserve.

But this system is already a relic of the past. Now an alternative, but the more advanced variant is Insharp technologies. They fully focus on people and culture management rather than human resource management. They see and treat them as people not as human resources. According to the People & culture manager of this company Ms.Wathsala Dissanayaka “We try to maintain a joyful and stressless environment inside the organization. People analytics will be the key feature. We should concentrate on the inner feelings of the staff members as well”. Such software company has a real secret of their success that makes it one of the best office helpers. It reduces stress and sadness among the stuff, being a friendly environment. The mood of employees and their physical and emotional state affects the success of the company. Happy employee is a key to the prospering business.


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