Major breakdowns of your washing machine

Major breakdowns of your washing machine

A washing machine has long been a common item in every house. It becomes clear how much it makes life easier only when it breaks and mountains of linen, shirts and socks have to be washed with your hands. In such case, an appliance cover will be your indispensable assistant.

The washing machine is difficult for the user, but simple in terms of engineering technique. Some of its breakdowns can, if not be repaired, at least diagnosed independently if you have forgotten about your washing machine cover.

What are the mainbreakdowns” of this device?

  • The washing machine does not turn on. Check if the socket is working, then, inspect the plug. A gap at the junction with the cord can have a possible damage.
  • The order of turning on the machine is violated. In many models of devices the option “child protection” is provided, it is needed to prevent accidental switching on. When you turn on this program, the buttons do not work.
  • If it is not clear why the washing machine does not work (there are no obvious reasons), then with a high degree of probability the control module has failed. The first thing that can be visually assessed: the state of the board.
  • The drum can simply jam mechanically. This can be verified by moving it from the inside out. The drum will remain in place, or it will jam a little, but not spin. After removing the body, see if any small object is stuck between the drum.
  • Washing in cold water is not the most efficient process. Therefore, if the machine works: it turns on, starts the modes, spins the drum, but does not heat the water, this is a reason to fix it. More often, the cause of this problem is failure of the heating element.
  • If the machine does not drain water from the tank, breakdown must first be found in the drainage system (valves, filter, pump, drain hose).

Image by moerschy from Pixabay

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