Life insurance benefits

Life insurance benefits

Life insurance allows you to be sure that a sudden deterioration in health due to serious illness or the consequences of an accident will not result in financial ruin for the insured and his family. The insurer will promptly make the insurance payment determined by the insurance contract. This can help the client receive quality and timely medical care, compensate for the lack of income and maintain the usual standard of living.

Llama Life insurance is issued very quickly. You choose the amount of insurance and every month you will have a choice. Contributions under an insurance contract can be paid immediately or made at a convenient frequency. This procedure allows the client, starting with small amounts, to systematically form serious capital without harming the budget.

As a rule, the rights to receive insurance payments are not confiscated and are not subject to arrest, are not divided upon divorce. All this favorably distinguishes this program from other financial instruments.

A life insurance policy allows you to receive a guaranteed payment at the end of the contract, as well as additional investment income, which the company calculates based on the results of its activities. With the help of the insurance program, capital is formed to receive additional payments during the planned period.

The insurance payment, which is several times higher than the insurance premium, will solve the health problems that have arisen, provide the necessary funds for recovery and rehabilitation, and will also help compensate for the loss of the usual income during the period of disability.

Insurance payments for the risks of an accident insurance program, insurance against dangerous diseases or payments for any other additional programs do not reduce the sum insured, which will be guaranteed to be paid upon the fact of the client’s survival until the end of the insurance period.

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