Impact of freight forwarding system on sales performance

Many logistics companies are unaware that the processes they have are lengthening sales cycles and bleeding revenues. Many of them are hesitant to invest in freight forwarding system without knowing if the investment will pay off. As the result spreadsheets and legacy ERP solutions are still extremely common in freight industry. But the industry can no longer resist digital transformation as the potential benefits are too great to ignore.

What conclusions can be drawn from the experience of companies operating in other industries? What were the benefits of implementing modern software? Is it possible to compete without investing in quotation system?

Increased efficiency of sales

When someone wants to buy your product or service, providing them with a quote and exact price should be the easiest part of the sales process. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to the logistics industry. The lack of modern freight forwarding software makes the preparation of a quote difficult and long-term task. But industry have to transform and adapt to meet new customers demand. The best way to do this is to implement the right software that will automate the process and enable sales teams to deliver a freight quote in a matter of minutes.

In this way, sales efficiency is increased. But there is also an additional benefit. Technology makes employees more satisfied with their work and their employer. It has a positive effect on their attitude, boosts their engagement and reduces the level of rotation.

Increased efficiency of sales management

The implementation of the freight forwarding system facilitates not only the work of salespeople but also sales managers. The ability to prepare and analyze data in real time allows them to evaluate the engagement and results of work. As the sales performance can be drilled down by team or individual salesperson managers get the sort of insight they need in order to increase employee efficiency and reduce bad sales habits.

The freight forwarding software can also be used for preparation of easy-to-use commercial knowledge base.

Increased revenues and reduced costs

Reduction of labor consumption needed to prepare a unit quote allows logistic companies to:

  • increase the number of sent quotes
  • win new clients
  • save sales hours

Modern technologies also affect the level of commercial relations with customers.Software allows you to build competitive advantages as the customers appreciate the salesperson ability to configure complex offers and product packages to meet their needs and are willing to pay more for the level of service offered.

Why investing in the freight management system is the right thing to do?

Increasing the level of sales team efficiency by introduction of modern freight rate management software allows to increase turnover and reduce costs. Also, do not ignore the fact that modern software allows to control the sales margins and deals profitability. With such tools productivity and efficiency can now be a reality, and not just something on the wishlist.

Nov 18, 2019

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