How Curasept Mouthwash protects your gums

How Curasept Mouthwash protects your gums

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Sometimes people refuse pain medications because of fear of side effects. But one of them is harmless – rinsing. The method is auxiliary. It is not able to completely stop the symptoms or get rid of the problem. But it relieves discomfort, facilitates the flow of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the oral cavity. The best and universal method is to rinse your teeth with curasept mouthwash. It has virtually no contraindications, except for idiosyncrasy. It eliminates inflammation in the oral cavity, prevents the reproduction of microbes, helps to relieve pain.

How to rinse?

Rinses wash out the remains of food from the mouth, disinfect the cavity, soothe inflamed gums. Often they are prescribed by the doctor: to relieve acute symptoms in caries, pulpitis, periodontitis – procedures increase blood flow, which contributes to the removal of toxins from the patient’s tooth and tissue decay products; as a prevention after tooth extraction – not earlier than 3 days; as an auxiliary therapy for inflammation of the gums, infectious and purulent processes-periodontitis, cyst, granuloma, flux. To make the procedure as effective as possible, follow these recommendations: before rinsing, remove food residues from the interdental areas with floss, clean teeth and the surface of the tongue from plaque; the temperature of the solution should be from 36°C to 45°C (cold or hot liquids will increase inflammation and burn the mucous membrane); the affected area is rinsed most intensively; rinsing is necessarily carried out after meals and at night; the optimal frequency of manipulations is every 1 to 2 hours; rinsing of painful tooth should be at least 10-15 minutes; it is not advisable to eat or drink for half an hour after the procedure.

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