Facts about telemedicine

Facts about telemedicine.

Telemedicine is the use of modern technologies for the remote provision of medical and consulting services.  Today it is becoming more and more popular both in the UK and in many countries of the European Union, and around the world.  Telemedicine allows doctors and patients to communicate in real-time remotely and exchange data, which is useful and even vital in many situations.

First of all, this is an online doctor’s consultation.  They are useful for those who cannot see a doctor in person or who need urgent qualified assistance.  In addition, modern telemedicine software provides remote monitoring of the patient’s condition.  With the help of remote monitoring, patients will be notified when they need to take medications and will know when they need to be tested.  With the help of video communication and modern IT technologies, doctors can exchange data and consult with colleagues.  Operations broadcast is a type of telemedicine that helps in the distance training of medical staff.

Obviously, for the correct functioning of telemedicine, it is necessary to provide high-quality communication.  Signal delays and picture distortion can lead to irreparable consequences.  Therefore, only partnerships with companies such as RedZinc, a leader in web-based real-time video communication solutions for healthcare, will lead to the desired results.  As the Irish Health Care Awards Winner, this company is at the forefront of the development of networked telecommunications.  Streaming video is widely used; the company developed the first prototype of the BlueEye platform for telemedicine applications.  The pilot projects were carried out in a simulated 5G test environment and at multiple institutions in different countries.  The results allowed the software to be optimized to fully meet the goals of telemedicine.

Each country is interested in providing fast and high-quality assistance to citizens.  That is why telemedicine, which saves time and expands the availability of medical services, is a priority today.

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