Best Sharm El Sheikh Tourist Attractions


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Is one of the mosques of Sharm El Sheikh

Established in the old commercial market area

Laying the foundation stone for him on January 10, 2011

It was opened on 24 March 2017

Became one of the landmarks of Sharm El-Sheikh tourist city at a cost of about 30 million pounds collected through donations to the Ahbab Al-Mustafy in Sharm El-Sheikh, in addition to government funding

The mosque is located on an area of ​​3,000 meters and includes two minarets, each with a height of 76 meters and a large number of domes

It accommodates more than 3,000 worshipers

The main plate height reaches 36 meters on an area of ​​1800 meters and reaches 800 worshipers.


And inside it is a gallery with two umbrellas for prayer

 The mosque contains 36 toilets

This is next to the service buildings and commercial units that serve as a stop for the mosque

To be the mosque Sahaba the second largest mosque in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh after the mosque Mustafa

  Coptic monuments in Sharm El Sheikh

The city of Sharm El Sheikh also includes some Coptic monuments such as

Church of Semites

It is the largest Sinai church

Based in the Al-Nour neighborhood of Sharm El-Sheikh

The foundation of the Church was laid by Pope Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Maronite Church on 22 March 2002

And opened on 5 December 2010 at a total cost of 100 million Egyptian pounds

To serve more than 12 thousand Christians in the city


Sharm El Sheikh International Museum

The Sharm el-Sheikh International Museum is a museum under construction, with an area of ​​52 acres, with 14% construction and the rest being green

 Parking spaces and open showrooms

The museum sheds light on the city of Sinai and highlights its role as an archaeological and historical destination and displays 7,000 archaeological pieces beginning from the Pharaonic and modern times

It also includes 7 showrooms, theater and cinema, as well as a conference hall for 1000 people, restrooms, shops and bazaars, as well as a library for children and families.

It is equipped with a desalination plant with a capacity of 800 m3

And another seawater treatment plant for use in the irrigation of the plantations to be held in the museum

As well as rooms for generators and stores for antiques

The museum’s purpose is to diversify the tourist product of Sharm el-Sheikh

And the trouble of travel to visit museums in Cairo, especially that most of the city’s visitors return to their country immediately after their trips without visiting the archaeological sites

Best Sharm El Sheikh Museums

  • King Tut Museum
  • Sharm El-Baradyat Museum
  • St catherine shop

    Museum of Peace and Environment

Which includes the Peacemakers’ Hall for the presentation of environmental documentary films

And the Presidential Suite, which contains photographs and documents of the Taba Agreement in 1989 and the Camp David Treaty

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