Benefits of an international certificate

Benefits of an international certificate

To be competitive in the labor market, you need to constantly improve your skills. This is even more relevant for financial market, where many operations are more and more automated (for example, trading is already becoming a “profession” of trading robots, rather than living people), and some professions are constantly being transformed, using artificial intelligence components (for example, responsibilities of a modern corporate treasurer have long gone beyond framework for the execution of a payment function).

Unlike a diploma of higher education, presence of international professional qualifications among specialists in many countries is not yet a mandatory requirement. But there are 2 alternatives to take off both on the career ladder and in terms of wages for any person who seeks professional growth:

  • get an appropriate degree,
  • get a prestigious professional certificate in the relevant work industry (for example, IAIDL AI CERTIFICATION)

An important advantage of the certificate is freedom to choose the pace of training.

Both of these variants are approximately comparable in cost and degree of demand among many employers, but presence of a certificate is valued more in the professional environment of financiers.

The training program does not focus on managing people, but on gaining new knowledge in a specialized branch.

Some certificates are issued not only after successfully passing exams, but also in the presence of several years of relevant professional experience, confirmed by other market participants and specialists.

Another important advantage of obtaining a certificate is access to a special professional “club”, community or association, with its own rules, events and even the internal labor market.

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