Some necessary items for buying property in Spain

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Many people dream of real estate abroad. Despite the fall in demand for Portugal real estate and the increase in demand for houses in Bulgaria and Croatia, the Spain real estate market is practically not fluctuating. The most frequent buyers of private property in Marbella, as indicated by statistics, are the Germans and the British.

You need to ask for help from Lawyers Marbella to make real estate be the house of your dreams and please you for many decades so that the deal succeeds to be successful. They will easily advise British clients and give the necessary instructions for future home owners in Spain.

When buying land in Spain, you need to check that it does not belong to the category of agricultural lands and it is possible to build a house there, as well as all communications are installed. There may be an easement among the encumbrances – the right of neighbors to pass through the territory characteristic only for land plots. The absence of easement will be an important plus for your quiet stay. The purchase of land should be approached with particular caution in Valencia, Andalusia and Murcia, where its withdrawal is allowed (with non-market compensation) for the needs of urban development.

When buying property in the primary market, you must request:

  • license for construction works;
  • certificate of completion of construction works;
  • certificate of the status of real estate;
  • license for primary settlement;
  • 10-year guarantee of construction quality.

If you are going to buy a property in Spain the advantages of cooperation with Real Estate Lawyer Marbella are obvious: they will establish the legal status of the object, check the literacy of the documents and help step by step to go from choosing a property to getting the keys!

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