Dentists Trust Hygienic PVC Sheet To Deliver Hygiene

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Dentists are turning to hygienic PVC sheet to ensure high standards of hygiene are maintained. With pressure on surgeries to deliver totally hygienic surfaces, this modern cladding system is now a popular sight in treatment rooms. Available in a range of finishes, it is designed to support health care workers in environments that demand robust cleaning regimes.

The importance of effective hygiene in dental surgeries was driven home after a dentist was struck of for failing to observe basic hygiene requirements. Around 3,000 patients were contacted and offered blood screening after the failings were discovered. CleanClad, the UK’s market-leading brand of hygienic PVC sheet, said: “Hygiene plays a pivotal role in dental care. That is why more dentists are investing in easy-to-clean hygienic surfaces that make attaining and maintaining high standards effortless.”

Hygienic PVC sheet for dental surgeries

The public was first alerted to the need for robust hygiene in dental surgeries five years ago when a dentist accused of poor hygiene practices prompted a recall of 22,000 patients. Fears were raised after a woman died. Patients considered at risk were blanket-tested for blood-borne viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C. For many, going to the dentist became even scarier than it was before the news broke.

Since them, better training and a commitment to deliver treatment in hygienically clean settings has set the tone for improved standards across the board. CleanClad has been pleased to support dentists as they have worked towards total hygiene. The spokesman said: “It has been a pleasure to work with dental surgeries and deliver hygienic PVC sheet that makes life easier for practice staff and instills confidence in patients.”

Wall cladding dentists recommend

Making walls and ceilings easy to clean is what CleanClad is all about. In fact, dentists recommend the brand’s products because they are moisture, chemical and impact resistant, and benefit from a Class 1 fire resistance rating. Easy to cut and install, CleanClad can be bonded to prepared surfaces quickly – meaning little disruption.

For total hygiene, CleanClad offers a nationwide installation service. This is popular among dentists because it ensures cladding perfectly fits a space and no nooks and crannies are left unprotected. To achieve clinically clean surfaces, CleanClad simply needs to be wiped down with a mild detergent, allowed to air dry and then sanitised.

The place to buy hygienic PVC sheet

Raising hygiene standards in a dental surgery has never been easier – thanks to CleanClad. Its cost-effective products can be purchased online at Hygienic PVC sheet is perfect for clinical environments and is widely used in hospitals and care homes. CleanClad hygienic wall and ceiling cladding will never crack or need grouting, unlike tiles. Orders placed online are normally fulfilled in 1 to 3 working days.

For hygiene patients can trust, order CleanClad online. For free technical support or further information about CleanClad’s nationwide installation service, call 0333 456 6707.

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