Allergies and air pollution – a problem of our time

Allergies and air pollution - a problem of our time

Allergies are the scourge of the modern world, and residents of prosperous countries like all the UK suffer from them even more often than others. The number of allergy sufferers is so great that manufacturers and retailers have to consider their needs. More and more products are made from hypoallergenic materials, and on the packaging of food products not only the composition is indicated, but also potential allergens are separately noted. What can protect you from many types of allergies and asthma? Air purifier!

Winix air purifier works very simple. It sucks in air in the room, passes it through a filter, and then blows it back out. Small particles (mostly dust), even gas impurities settle on the filter. Although some vendors claim that some microorganisms are neutralized too. All we know for sure is that air purifiers help allergy sufferers survive the flowering seasons and simplify the life of asthmatics.

Bonaco air purifier is recommended to be placed in the room where the person can stay most often or closer to the source of pollution (for example, a cage with an animal). Entry and exit should of course not be blocked by furniture or walls. There are also climatic complexes: these are devices with a built-in filter that combine the functions of both a purifier and a humidifier.

The benefits of the TruSens air purifier are so great that these devices are used even in the doctor’s or surgeon’s office to rid the environment of pathogenic bacteria and other infections.

Purifiers need to be cleaned, as well as replaced filters: otherwise, they may work worse or even return everything that they have accumulated into the air. Manufacturers advise you to ventilate the room when you feel stuffy. Moreover, it is better to follow the instructions.

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